World Cup 2018: Group C Last Games Review

With the last fixtures in each group being played this week, the World Cup games are getting a bit more exciting. All the trash teams like Panama (no offence) who have unnecessarily taken up 90 minutes of our lives are being swept aside and the teams we expected to progress are advancing to the round of 16. Let’s review the last games in group C.

Group C

I was praying for Paul Pogba to have a good World Cup to prove his haters wrong. Pogba isn’t playing the kind of soccer we’ve seen him play in the past and has been getting plenty of shit for it. I personally think playing under Mourinho has something to do with it.

Pogba isn’t playing as free as I’ve known him to play, he now plays like a player who doesn’t want to make a mistake, he takes the safer option when the old Pogba would do something brain-dead and brilliant at the same time.

His France side were favourites to win this group comfortably but it didn’t turn out to be as simple. One thing I have learnt this World Cup is the so-called big countries are finding it difficult to play against less talented but organised teams.

The Socceroos are one of those under-talented teams but they are tough, gutsy, and well drilled, Peru play nice attacking football but it leaves them exposed at the back, and Denmark must be the most boring team in the tournament.

Australia 0-2 Peru

Australia still had a chance to advance to the last 16 but they needed a win and they needed France to do them a favour against Denmark.

The Socceroos came out like a team desperate for the win but conceded the first goal of the game.

Australia huffed and puffed but failed to blow Peru away. The South American’s doubled their lead early in the second half to kill the game.  La Blanquirroja won their first match at the World Cup since a 4-1 win over Iran in 1978.

Denmark 0 – 0 France

Oh gosh, God what did I do to deserve this? This lame excuse for a soccer game was about as fun as watching paint dry in a dark room with no windows while hungry. To be fair it started off good with both teams trying to play some football but when Denmark heard about Australia’s demise in the game being played concurrently, they decided to stop playing offensive football.


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