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Lunchtimebytes – News: Zlatan is fit, but not really fit, just not fit enough, he can go to MLS – Jose Mourinho:

Jose Mourinho low-key wants Zlatan to leave Manchester United.

The great philosopher Kanye West once said: “First they love you then they hate you then they you again”. Zlatan finds himself in the ‘being hated’ phase as he hasn’t felt the love from Jose Mourinho in the past few months.

Jose Mourinho claims Zlatan isn’t fit, he isn’t injured but is not yet Premier League fit. This is code for he is never going to play for Manchester United again for as long Jose is the manager. A blackballing by Mourinho would be a bitter pill to stomach for the Swede. He scored 28 goals, helped Manchester United win the Carabao Cup, Europa and saved Mourinho’s job, all in his first season.

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