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Rafael Benitez Is Staying At The Geordie Shore

Even though Rafael Benitez could not save the Magpies from the dreaded drop into Championship football, this week, the Spanish manager (against his family’s wishes to escape from Tyne-side) has decided to stay on as Newcastle United manager.

The former Liverpool manager had signed a 3-year contract with Newcastle United with a clause to opt out should the team get relegated. So this comes as a pleasant surprise for Newcastle United supporters who may have thought the Spaniard would, like anyone with common sense, have run for the hills after their team got demoted, their stock in footballing terms had been diminished, and they had to subject themselves to watching the Geordie Shore on prime tv every weekday.

“I am extremely pleased to be staying at Newcastle United,” Benítez said in a statement on the NUFC.com

“The love I could feel from the fans was a big influence for me in my decision to stay, as was my relationship with [the managing director] Lee Charnley and all the staff. This is a huge club and I wanted to be part of the great future I can see for Newcastle United.”

Rafael Benitez isn’t a Championship manager he is a Champions League manager (okay, Europa League) and when I heard he was joining Newcastle first thing I thought to myself was, how is he going to hear anybody at St James Park with their thick Geordie accents?? and then I thought, what in G’s name is he thinking?!

Only time will tell if the Rafael Benitez and Mike Ashely relationship will last. The owner has given written guarantees regarding the budget and issues including recruitment. This means Benitez will have control over most football matters around the club.

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_Zoboblog

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Rafael Benitez Needs a Win Against Former Club to Stay in the Premier League

My favourite manager of all time (no, not Ernst Middendorp, he is my 2nd favourite) Rafael Benitez visits Anfield this afternoon (I am not kidding when I say he’s my favourite by the way). In his stint with Liverpool from 2004-2010, the Spaniard, had been one of the club’s most successful managers in the last two decades.


He comes back to Liverpool, a club he apparently has close to his heart (‘apparently’ because a couple of the players he managed said he had no heart to begin with), needing an all important three points to keep his Newcastle side’s chances of escaping relegation alive.

Even though Rafa was a bit distant. Especially to Steven Gerrard who had this to say about Benitez in his autobiography [which I haven’t read yet because I’m waiting for the asking price on Amazon.com to drop] “Any conversation with Benitez is football, football, football,” and “I’m not sure he’s interested in players as people,” But, being cold to his players and fans does not mean he isn’t a Liverpool legend.


Now, he is at Newcastle.

In their last two games, the Magpies have improved immensely under the tactical nous of Benitez. At least the players are listening to his instructions which always a good thing.

We have Rafa in the black and white corner and we have Jürgen Klopp in the red corner.

Jürgen Klopp is the new charming, charismatic, and clinically insane Liverpool manager. They have been comparisons to Liverpool’s recent Europa League quarterfinal comeback win against Klopp’s former side, Borussia Dortmund [click here if you have been living under a rock for past four weeks and you missed it] and Liverpool’s 2005 UEFA Champions League triumph in Istanbul against a Kaka lead AC Milan side.


Let me think about this one..?

It’s a tough one… [scratching my head]

AC Milan or Borussia Dortmund?

Pre-Ballon Dór Kaka or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang never in his life Ballon Dór?

Carlo Ancelotti  (3-time Champions League and a bunch of other things Winner) or Thomas Tuchel (0-time nothing winner)?

Final of the UEFA Champions League or Quarterfinal of the UEFA Europa League?? (I had to double question mark that one.)

well duh silly

I’ll let you decide which one was the bigger achievement.

Liverpool has been in, excuse the pun, red hot form lately. Brushing aside weaker teams as they should.

If the Newcastle players have any respect for Rafa they will play their best for him.

Not only because they need the three points but to prove a point. Newcastle is one of the biggest clubs in the Premier League and shouldn’t be in the position they are right now. If they can give Rafael Benitez the opportunity to coach them again next season, in the Premier League of course, they will finish top half I can guarantee that.


Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_ZoBoSportz

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Ask the Soccer Fellow | Thursday Q & A with Theodore Theophilus Thatcher

Welcome to our first episode of ‘Ask the Soccer Fellow.’ This column is written by a soccer expert. A football pundit so skilled that he can name the whole 2015 Africa Nations Cup Equatorial Guinea squad, with his eyes closed, one hand tied behind his back while playing the banjo.

Absolutely Incredible.

Anyway, this week we have a Newcastle fan with the first question he is worried bout Newcastle’s chances of staying in the Premier League next season.

Q: I am a Magpie…

A: Yes, we know that. May you please get to your question a bit quicker you wasting time and space..!

Q: Okay… I’m worried that we may get relegated this season, what are the chances of us staying up?

A: You are 2nd from bottom, you have four games remaining, and two of those teams you play are against the Premier League’s top 10 teams. So I’d say around 0.04%.

But, you have looked pretty decent with Rafael Benitez as your new manager so it’s looking more like 0.23% now.


Q: Can Leicester win it all?

A: No

Q: Why not?!

A: I don’t know, I just had the urge to go the opposite direction that you wanted me to go.

Q: Louie van Gaal’s team has been horrible to watch this season and I can’t stand him or the way his team plays. I actually feel like committing suicide every time united are on the telly, do you think they will fire LvG for Mourinho next season?

A: 1. Please don’t commit suicide because your kids may starve to death, plus I don’t want to be the last person you speak to when you take a hand full of sleeping pills because someone might think I encouraged you to do it.

2. It’s Louis, not Louie.

3. They may sack LvG if his team doesn’t qualify for the champions league and thankfully for you, your kids, and a morgue closest to you, that seems likely.

4. What also seems likely is that his replacement will be the unemployed Jose  Mourinho.

Q: In the month of April Barcelona has had a dip in their form, matter of fact they have been quite s#%t, who or what is to blame

A: Sir, please mind your language, you are not at a hippity hop concert or at your 7 year old sons soccer game. Behave. I blame Luis Enrique, Messi’s Fatigue, and the Barcelona mascot who is about to die soon.

Q: If you had to compare this current Mamelodi Sundowns team to the one that won the league 3 times back in the late 90’s, who would come out tops?

A: Here is a question for you, which is faster a pony or a horse?

A: a horse of course

A: Exactly

Q: So which one is the horse and which one is the pony?

A: that’s a very good question.

Have any more questions for the expert Soccer Fellow?

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Rafael Benítez gives the Magpies Some Faith

The new Newcastle United manager Rafael Benitez has blown some life in the Magpies lungs.

When Sergio Aguero scored a clearly offside goal in the 15th minute, most of us were thinking Newcastle was going to have one of those relegation-type nights. But the Toon Army rallied and 15 minutes later pulled a goal back through Vurnon Anita.

‘I did not see the replay but everybody says it was offside,’ Rafael Benitez said.

‘It was a pity. The reaction of the team was so good. We showed belief and fight. We have to be optimistic in the rest of our games.

‘I was pleased with the reaction but my concern now is we cannot change these things when they happen.

Newcastle United actually looks like a decent team when they are well coached. This is something that former boss Steve McClaren clearly had a hard time achieving.

With his goal, that should have been ruled out, Kun Aguero scored his 100th Premier League goal in only 147 appearances a feat only bettered by Newcastle United legend Alan Sherrer.

Alan Sherrer achieved his 100th goal in 124 appearances. Sherrer, who is now a pundit (then again, who isn’t nowadays) had this to say about the chances of his beloved Newcastle.

“Certainly on Tuesday’s evidence, and on Saturday’s, there’s now a togetherness,”

“The fans appreciate now that the players are giving everything. They’ve given themselves an opportunity – three points on Saturday and a point tonight which is not a disaster.

“It’s taken him a while to understand his players but he’s left big players out. Aleksandar Mitrovic is out, Jonjo Shelvey is out. They’re out for a reason – they’ve not given enough to the team.

“He’s changed it and he deserves credit for that. The atmosphere stood out.”

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_ZoBoSportz

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ZoBo Four Reasons: Rafael Benitez Wont Save The Toon Army From The Drop

Poor Rafael Benitez, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. Deciding to sign for a club that is 2nd from the bottom, have no ounce of character in them, and are owned by Mike Ashely.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Rafael Benitez and Newcastle FC are screwed, and here are four reasons why;

  1. It’s already too late

MADRID, SPAIN - DECEMBER 30: Head coach Rafael Benitez of Real Madrid CF reacts prior to start the La Liga match between Real Madrid CF and Real Sociedad de Futbol at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on December 30, 2015 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

Newcastle United have 6 games remaining. In those 6 games, they come up against 3 teams in the top 8 of the league, namely an exciting Liverpool team, a Manchester City team that is trying to secure a top four spot, and a Tottenham Hotspur team that is trying to win the league.

The other three teams are a very good Swansea side, Crystal Palace who are trying to avoid relegation like Newcastle, so the only guarantee for three points is Aston Villa who has been evicted off the Barclays Premier League Survivor Island last week already.

That’s only 3 guaranteed points in 6 games.

  1. Sam Allardyce


Sunderland’s Sam Allardyce is sitting two points ahead of Newcastle in 18th spot on 27.

Here are a few interesting facts about Sam Allardyce;

Sam Allydice is a big human being, who may be related to Dirk Nowitzki.

Sam Allardyce has never been relegated before.

Sam Allardyce seems to know what to do and what to say to say his players in situations like this.

If I’d have to pick between Sam and Rafa in a relegation scrap I’d pick Big Sam.

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