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World Cup 2018: Group H Last Games Review

With the last fixtures in each group being played this week. The World Cup games are getting a bit more exciting. All the trash teams like Nigeria (no offence) who have unnecessarily taken up 90 minutes of our time are being swept aside and the teams we expected to progress are advancing to the round of 16. Let’s review the last games in group H.

Group H

It may have not been necessarily the ‘Group of Death’ but it would be tough to predict who the two teams to advance to the last-16 would be.

Japan had a mediocre qualifying campaign but they are a well-organised team with players who ‘know soccer’.

Poland have a striker in Robert Lewandowski who could be the best centre-forward in Europe if not the world. They also have experienced players around him who play in the best leagues in on the continent.

Senegal were the likeliest, out of all the African teams, to qualify for the next round. They have a good coach who has a solid team (even though they kinda, sorta cheated South Africa to get to this World Cup but that’s a story for another day).

Colombia had a very good 2014 World Cup. They have exciting players like Quintero, James Rodriquez, Falcao, and Juan Cuadrado. Los Cafeteros were my favourites to win the group.

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