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World Cup 2018: Group C Last Games Review

With the last fixtures in each group being played this week, the World Cup games are getting a bit more exciting. All the trash teams like Panama (no offence) who have unnecessarily taken up 90 minutes of our lives are being swept aside and the teams we expected to progress are advancing to the round of 16. Let’s review the last games in group C.

Group C

I was praying for Paul Pogba to have a good World Cup to prove his haters wrong. Pogba isn’t playing the kind of soccer we’ve seen him play in the past and has been getting plenty of shit for it. I personally think playing under Mourinho has something to do with it.

Pogba isn’t playing as free as I’ve known him to play, he now plays like a player who doesn’t want to make a mistake, he takes the safer option when the old Pogba would do something brain-dead and brilliant at the same time.

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Quick Preview Euro 2016 Final – France v Portugal

Tonight sees the host France take on (the-second-most-unlikest-team-to-reach-the-final-after-Iceland) Portugal in the Euro finals.

Portugal boss Fernando Santos aka the luckiest man on planet earth hasn’t been fazed by the media’s criticism on how his team has performed thus far in the tournament.

“I want them to keep saying the same thing,”

“That we’re this and we’re that, that we won undeservedly.

“That’s what I would like them to say – that we won and we didn’t deserve it. That would be amazing. I’d be going home very happy if they said that. And I will be going home very happy.”

Hm Santos sounds pretty confident. It’s either he knows something that we don’t or he is delusional.

He continued…

“I said at the time of the draw that Portugal would possibly get to the final and win it, we were a candidate,” Yup! I can confirm he is delusional.

“I always said there were three favourites – the title holders [Spain], the word champions [Germany] and France because they are playing at home.”

“France are at home, they’re in the final and they have a lot of potential. So they are favourites. I do not think this is odd at all to think so.”

“Whether they will win or not is a whole different thing. I think Portugal will win.”

Portugal haven’t offered much in this tournament. It has come as a surprise to many ( even the Portuguese) that they have made it this far.

3 simple ways to beat Portugal.

1. Mark Cristiano
2. Keep marking Cristiano
3. Poison Cristiano’s breakfast

Former France captain and now French manager Didier Deschamps has been thinking long and hard on how he can neutralize the solitary Portuguese threat that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

“If there is an anti-Ronaldo plan, no one has yet found the recipe,” Deschamps said. “He’s a top player, he’s got great athletic attributes in the air.”

‘It’s not just that he can get up high, but he can hang there as well.”

“I think his abdominal muscles, his six pack is there for a reason.” I think Dechamps may have a crush on the Portuguese heartthrob

He continued…

“But there are two things that are very tough to combat in football: pace and the aerial threat.”

“It would be great to neutralise him, of course, but we need to be wary and limit his influence. That will be important to do.”

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