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World Cup 2018: Group C Last Games Review

With the last fixtures in each group being played this week, the World Cup games are getting a bit more exciting. All the trash teams like Panama (no offence) who have unnecessarily taken up 90 minutes of our lives are being swept aside and the teams we expected to progress are advancing to the round of 16. Let’s review the last games in group C.

Group C

I was praying for Paul Pogba to have a good World Cup to prove his haters wrong. Pogba isn’t playing the kind of soccer we’ve seen him play in the past and has been getting plenty of shit for it. I personally think playing under Mourinho has something to do with it.

Pogba isn’t playing as free as I’ve known him to play, he now plays like a player who doesn’t want to make a mistake, he takes the safer option when the old Pogba would do something brain-dead and brilliant at the same time.

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