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Eric Tinkler Is The New Maritzburg United Coach.

Eric Tinkler has agreed to join the Team of Choice after Muhsin Ertugral resigned as coach on Monday

News: Eric Tinkler was found another job at Maritzburg United after fired as Chippa United coach in easy December.

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Chippa United Are One More Idiotic Decision Away From Relegation

Chippa United are a team in disarray. They have sacked three coaches already this season. It’s only a matter of time until Chippa Mpengesi makes another managerial error that lands them in the NFD.

I was in bed when I heard Chippa United fired Joel Masutha on Wednesday. I woke up, called the bank, and asked them to put all my invested funds into my cheque account. When I received the money I logged on to bet.co.za and bet all my money on Chippa United getting relegated this season.

Trust me, it’s going to happen.

Chippa United fired their 3rd coach and we not even 3/4 through the season yet. If Moroka Swallows taught us anything its that: teams that are poorly managed who happen to have an ugly kit, usually go down.

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6 Warning Signs The Coach Of Your Favorite Team Doesn’t Know What He Is Doing

When would you know it’s the right time for you to start ringing the alarm bells and boycotting your coach on twitter? (#[insertcoachname]out)

Life must stink as a coach. I couldn’t handle coaching a under-10 team full of spoilt brats I could only imagine how it must feel coaching 20+ overpaid, egotistical, primadonnas. One upside to my experience with those 9-year-old kids is I could at least punch them in their face once in a while, doing so as a professional coach might land you in court or in the hospital depending on which player you threw a jab at.

Something else that makes coaching a silly career choice is when the team wins the players get 80% of the credit and the coach gets 20%, but should the team lose the players get 0.05% of the blame and the coach gets 99.5%. You just can’t win.

As unfair as that ratio is sometimes the man in charge is the actual problem. When does it become obvious that the man you call your coach is at his wit’s end (i.e. he doesn’t know what the fuck he is doing)? Here are six warning signs:

1.When your coach blames bad officiating. 

This is one of a clueless coach’s favourite excuse. Okay, so most all coaches blame bad officiating. Referees are human after all. But, when your coach continuously finds faults in the officials for even the smallest of calls like wrongfully awarding a throw-in on the halfway line he is deflecting capability from himself.

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