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ZoBo 4 Reasons: Arsene Wenger Ought to Quit Should Arsenal Not Win the League this Season

After their embarrassing 3-2 loss on Sunday afternoon loss against Louis Van Gaal’s crèche, Arsenal is five points behind Leicester City and two points behind north London rivals Tottenham. With 11 games to go, being five points behind at this juncture isn’t a train smash, but, it is worrisome. Especially after their spineless performance at Old Trafford. Arsene Wenger hasn’t lifted the Barclays Premier League in years. With most of Arsenal’s customary championship rivals having, what you could call, not-so-good premier league campaigns this is a big opportunity for the Gunners to once again lift the trophy. Should they not, Arsene Wenger needs to go. Here are 4 reasons why:

1.This is a golden opportunity…

SWANSEA, WALES - MARCH 16: Arsene Wenger, Manager of Arsenal looks on prior to kick off during the Barclays Premier League match between Swansea City and Arsenal at Liberty Stadium on March 16, 2013 in Swansea, Wales. (Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images)

As I alluded to earlier, the teams that are usually competing for the Barclays Premier League have all had a lackluster season. Defending champions Chelsea had a curious case of Mourinhoitis which that they had to get rid of. Manchester United had an outbreak of the Louis-Van-Gaal Virus which they are still dealing with. Manchester City had a spate of Raheem-Sterliosis and a We-Can’t-Wait-Till-Pep-Guardiola-Gets-Here Disease.

It’s more than likely that most, if not all (not too sure about the LVG Virus though), will have cured their sickness come next season.

2. He is old…


Not that I have a problem with old people. I regularly volunteer at the old age home in my neighbour. But, managing, nowadays, is a young man’s game. Diego Simeone (45), Luis Enrique (45), Pep Guardiola (45), and Jose Mourinho 5 years ago (48) are all young brilliant coaches who are successfully managing the best teams in Europe right now. Managing is stressful. How much more can Arsene’s 66-year-old heart take.

3. He has no leg to stand on


Should Arsene Wenger and his charges not win the league this season what will be his excuse?

Injuries to key players?

Arsenal has been pretty healthy this season considering their problems with injuries in the past.

Been beaten by the better team?

All due respect to Tottenham and Leicester, Arsenal shouldn’t be placed in the same sentence as those two teams.

Not enough money to spend in the transfer market

Well, the Emirates stadium has been finished for a while now and Wenger has decided not to spend a few million euros (by few I mean 30+ million) to buy decent players.

Arsene Wenger has no excuse.

4. His time as coach may be up


Arsene Wenger has done a lot for Arsenal football club. On his first full season (1997–98) he delivered an FA Premier League title snapping a 6-year league title drought. He gave us Thierry Henry, he gave us The Invisibles, and he plenty of moments to laugh about over the dinner table. The man is a legend.


If Arsenal does not win the premier league title this year. This specific year. The 2015/2016 season. Arsene Wenger should call it a night on managing. His time as Arsenal coach may be up. He should do this for Arsenal football club. He should do this for the supporters who pay their hard earned money. And lastly, he should do it for himself.

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_ZoBoSportz

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