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La Liga Thursdays: How Mascots Are Helping La Liga Clubs Grow Their Brands

There are now 12 LaLiga Santander clubs with an official mascot, from walking footballs to giant cucumbers. Beyond in-stadium activities, these mascots are forming an important part of international growth strategies.

Mascots are often seen as one of the more light-hearted and amusing elements of a football team, but there is a more serious side to these characters.
More and more LaLiga clubs are creating official mascots that bring colour and spectacle to home matches, but also help to create marketing campaigns that aid national and international expansion.

Four LaLiga Santander clubs, CD Leganés, Villarreal CF, RCD Espanyol de Barcelona and Real Sociedad, explained the various ways that their mascots represent their image and values, aid local communities and broaden the clubs’ horizons.

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