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PSL: Orlando Pirates Screwed Up Their Chances Of Winning The League

Orlando Pirates dropped points in the league when they drew 1-1 with Baroka FC last night. They have effectively ruined their chances of winning the Absa Premiership title this season.

You know when you are sleeping, around 3 a.m. in the early morning, then a mosquito starts flying around your ear to irritate that shit out of you.

You cover yourself with your blanket but you can still hear it. So you just jump out of bed (pissed) switch on the light, wanting to bash the mosquito’s guts on the wall with the sole of your Carvela but then… Silence… It seems as though the mosquito has disappeared or left your room through the tiny crevice under the door. You switch the light off,  get back into the blankets – 4 seconds later the mosquito is back again this time you can hear it laughing.

I hate that shit.

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