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Amaglug-glug lose 3-0 to Egypt

With More Than A Little Help From The Officials, Egypt Batter Amaglug-glug

Can somebody please tell me why do CAF and it’s officials hate South Africa? Our teams, whether national of club sides, always seem to be on the other end of bad decisions. Last night, in Amaglug-glug’s 3-0 semi-final loss to Egypt, the ref awarded the underage Pharaohs a dubious penalty. A decision a corrupt WWE referee would have been proud of. An Egyptian attacker attempted to play the ball into the South African penalty area but it struck a South African defender’s hand 348 centimeters – outside the box! Coach David Notoane wasn’t as disappointed as someone would be after his team had been cheated and also got thrashed 3-0.

“We put the plans and strategies in place and you can see how much it means for the Egyptians.” Notoane told the media.

“The coach knows and if you remember after the first game, I said that we made a dream and a dream final for me was to play Egypt.

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