Stuart Baxter isn't scare of losing job

Bafana Bafana: Stuart Baxter – ‘I’ve got no problems losing this job’

In a press conference that took place when Stuart Baxter and his Bafana Bafana team arrived home after their AFCON quarter-final loss to Nigeria on Wednesday, Stuart Baxter was asked to give a mark on his performance in the tournament.  

“To rate my own job‚ I’ll never do that because that’s being pompous and blown up and I wouldn’t do that. If I was to stay in the job‚ it was because I think I could do the job properly.

“Without sounding arrogant‚ not one per cent of my self-esteem would come from questions like that asking me to give a mark on my own performance.”


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Uh oh, seems as though someone is upset. 

I am on his side on this one. Asking him to mark his performance is like your girlfriend asking you to grade yourself after you spent the night. There are 27.6% unemployed active job seekers in South Africa. Stuart Baxter says should SAFA show him the door, he isn’t going to be one of them for long.

“I’ve got no problems losing this job. Don’t confuse me with a coach that’s desperate for a job. I’ve turned down a job this week with another African nation, I’ve turned down a job last week with the Saudi. I’ve turned down jobs in Asia, I’ve turned down jobs in South Africa to stay with this team. I’m not desperate,”

Danny Jordaan, who is still enjoying his SAFA sponsored holiday in Cairo,  was asked if Baxter is the man to lead Bafana to the Nations Cup in Cameroon in 2021 and World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

“Stuart Baxter and his technical team will complete their technical report and overall report on the team‚ its preparation and the experience here at the Afcon‚” 

“And that will be filtered to the technical committee‚ who will discuss and make the assessment and give us the report on how they see the next two years‚ into to 2022 and the Qatar World Cup‚ and the preparation to the 2021 Nations Cup in Cameroon.”

I wonder if SAFA will view Bafana Bafana’s AFCON campaign as a success. I mean, they didn’t even give Baxter a mandate. What will be their criteria in determining if Stuart Baxter should keep his job or not?  

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