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EPL: Are Manchester United Better Off Without Lukaku?

I hate to have to say this to all Manchester United supporters… but your team stinks. Last season your side finished 6th, this is the 5th time in seven seasons since Sir Alex Ferguson left that they finished outside of the top four. You are up in arms over the ownership. And Liverpool won another Champions League trophy…

It sucks being a Manchester United supporter in 2019.

The next episode in the Manchester United soap opera is called ‘Romelu Lukaku: Should He Go or Should He Stay?’. There is apparent interest in the player from Inter Milan.

Lukaku doesn’t seem to be in manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær plans for the future. But, Manchester United aren’t budging over their £79 million valuation of the player.

Time is running out. The transfer window closes in three weeks on the 8th of August. Should Manchester United be looking to ship out a now redundant player? Or does Romelu Lukaku have a bit more to offer?


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Here are a few questions Manchester United should ask themselves before they decide to keep or let him go:

Who are they going to replace him with?

Romelu Lukaku scored 12 goals in the league last season for Manchester United. This made him their second-leading goal scorer. Can Manchester United, a team that scored only 65 goals, afford to lose a player who scored 19% of their EPL goals? 

Manchester United aren’t interested in cash + plus player exchange with Inter. Milan are offering their Argentine talisman Mauro Icardi and £56 million. Icardi has been one of the best players in Serie A for the past couple of seasons. But, does Manchester United want a player who is talented but is known to be problematic for the teams he has played for? 

Is getting a striker a priority though?

Manchester United have had an issue with their defence ever since Rio Ferdinand retired and Nemanja Vidić left the club.

Every season there has been a different centre back pairing. Actually, now that I think about it, every game for seven years or so there has been a different centre back pairing. Jose Mourinho’s spent enough money to feed the Faroe Islands for a year on defenders in his time at Manchester United, all of whom, turned out to be flops.

Phil Jones is always injured, Eric Bailly is erratic and is one tackle away from conceding a penalty, Lindelof is bipolar, and Smalling plays like he has never kicked a football in his life. 

Manchester United do not need another striker they need another defender… and a midfielder. So even if they sell Lukaku they should invest that money elsewhere.

Is he good enough to play for Manchester United?

Are Manchester United better off without Lukaku? is he good enough for Manchester United? Harry Kane, Kun Aguero, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, (whoever is Chelsea’s forward is). Can we say that he is better than any of those players?


Lukaku’s first touch is a trampoline, he has a big body which he doesn’t use to great effect against smart defences. Lukaku finds it difficult to score against good defenders. Lukaku scored only 1 goal in 17 games against the top 6 in England for Manchester United. He is rash in front of goal. He finds it difficult to operate without space in the box that top teams close down quickly. 


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Manchester United may be better off without him. The money they’ll make from the deal will assist them in making purchases they need. The manager doesn’t seem to fancy him and he also feels sour about how he was treated last season. It would be best for both parties to go their separate ways.

Do you think Romelu Lukaku deserves another chance at United or do you think his time is done? Comment down below and also please don’t forget to share this article and subscribe to my blog to get more posts like this.

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