luc eymael not a racist

‘he [ Luc Eymael ] loves money… He’s not a racist’ : South African football agent

Luc Eymael, a season after leaving the shores of our country is still making news in South Africa. Eymael was fired by Young Africans SC on Monday after comparing the supporters of the Tanzanian club to “monkeys and dogs”. 

But a South African agent, Ratshibvumo Muluvhedzi has come to Luc Eymael’s defence.

“Luc Eymael in person he is a very friendly guy, he is a good guy off the field, he is not a racist,” tells


John Comitis ‘If we don’t resume [the PSL], there’s going to be problems…’

“But his problem is he wants to be both coach and agent at the same time, he loves money. He wants to control the whole team, he doesn’t want anyone to tell him anything.

“He can unsettle any team because he loves money. Me and him we had issues when he took some of my players to another agent and sometimes he wouldn’t play them.

“But we managed to settle our differences and became friends until today. But he’s a very good coach. He’s not a racist.”

This happens all the time with people whose first language isn’t English. They say things that could be misconstrued. They may be directly translating the term from their home language to English. The result is the person being misunderstood.

Calling a predominantly black fan base monkeys is definitely racist. But, maybe in Belgium (his country of birth and upbringing) being called a monkey is demeaning but racist. Then again, unless Luc Eymael has been living under a rock for the past decade, he’d know calling black people monkeys, no matter the circumstance is racist. I’m not going to give him a pass on this one. 

What he said was racist and he should be criticized for it. Is Luc Eymael a racist though? I cannot say because I do not know what is in the man’s heart. 

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