Jessica Motaung Barcelona Kit and Kaizer Chiefs Simmilarities

Jessica Motaung ‘disappointed’ With Nike Due to Similarities Between Barcelona And Kaizer Chiefs Jerseys

LaLiga’s FC Barcelona released images of their 2020/2021 away jersey on their social media on Friday. This jersey looked terribly familiar to me🤔👀…



Oh yes… I know where I’ve seen it before!, Barcelona’s new away jersey looks exactly like Kaizer Chiefs’ 50th-anniversary jersey:

Kaizer Chiefs’ marketing director, Jessica Motaung, expressed her disappointment at the similarities in the kits. 

“I’ve had several discussions with Nike about it,” Motaung told TimesLIVE.

“Look, we were actually very instrumental in the design of our 50th-anniversary jersey. The chairman [Kaizer Motaung] was very clear about the colours. Because if you remember the chairman had a black jersey with gold that he wore many years ago.

“They had the gold numbers and the things like that. And that design was extremely club-inspired, and we were very specific. Some of the designs that we received were not quite there, and we were clear on the heritage and what we wanted.


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“We were very clear about the importance and magnitude of it, and that it wasn’t a small milestone for us. And we loved what were arrived at, and I appreciate the work that Nike has done.

“I was made aware of the new Barcelona design before it hit the market, and I have to be honest we were surprised.

“Also because of the major outcry for stock that we had [for the 50th jersey]. It should have been produced for a market that was very excited for a 50th jersey.

“And I understand that Nike does projections and they look at past things, but this was a significant milestone that we knew would catapult demand.

“And we were advised about the lack of material that we used for our jersey. So we were surprised when we saw the Barcelona jersey.

“I do know that certain designs will be used again. But the timing was also very soon.”

Let me let you know my feelings about this upfront: Nike was wrong for doing this. 😔

Sports apparel corporations are known to recycle kit designs and release them as brand new in other markets. The logistics of designing a different jersey for every club around the world, every year, is impractical. However, in this situation, if we take Jessica’s word for it, this would mean Kaizer Chiefs basically designed the jersey themselves.

Kaizer Chiefs highlighted the magnitude and significance of the jersey to Nike. For Nike to use the same exact design for another club a season later is shameful. 

Kaizer Chiefs has a big fan base and their supporters purchase their overly priced jersey’s every season. For Nike to disregard the importance of the club’s 50th-anniversary shows how much they think of Kaizer Chiefs and it’s supporters.


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