Don’t Blame Julen Lopetegui Blame It On The Loss Of Ronaldo

Real Madrid has decided to dump Julen Lopetegui, they must be regretting their break-up with Ronaldo already.

You never know what you have until it’s gone or until it has scored more goals individually than your team has in the last 7 games.

That individual with the ‘it’ factor, of course, is Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese took his talents to Turin and has lit up the Serie A with goals and his exceptionally white teeth. Real Madrid, on the other hand, have been abysmal which has led to the firing of Julen Lopetegui as manager after four and a half months in charge at the Bernabeu.

It is the second time Lopetegui has been sacked this year. He was dismissed by Spain two days before the World Cup, due to having planned his move to Real without informing the Spanish Football Federation and because his name was difficult for commentators to pronounce.

Julen Lopetegui

Rather than being nasty and spiteful like I would Lopetegui thanked Real Madrid in a brief statement provided to EFE:

“After the decision taken by the Real Madrid board of directors, I want to thank the club for the opportunity they gave me,”

Four months? You should be thanking them for the part-time job.

“Thank you to the players for their effort and their work, as well as to each and every one of the club’s employees, for their good treatment during this time.

The players didn’t seem to like playing for you.

“And, of course, my gratitude to the fans for their backing. I send them my best wishes for the rest of the season.”

And the supporters were the ones calling for your head.

Real Madrid aren’t the same team without Ronaldo

Real Madrid can blame Julen Lopetegui but, he was just part of the problem. Losing their talisman Cristiano Ronaldo is a major factor in the decline, oh yeah, and Karim Benzema’s lack of ability.

Ronaldo joined Juventus for around €100m in July, left Spain as Real’s all-time leading goalscorer.

Since his departure only managed six wins, two draws, six losses, four heart attacks in the stands. Among those defeats was Sunday’s embarrassment at the hands of rivals Barçelona, there they were hammered 5-1 in El Clásico.

Real Madrid finds themselves in ninth place on La Liga, six points above the relegation zone and seven points behind log leaders Barça.

Real Madrid did not appreciate Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo says he left Real Madrid because of president Florentino Pérez.

Ronaldo and Florentino Perez

Cristiano Ronaldo, in an interview with France Football, suggested Pérez suggested that he was dispensable.

“I felt it inside the club, especially from the president, that they no longer considered me the same way that they did in the start,” 

“In the first four or five years there I had the feeling of being ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’. Less afterwards. The president looked at me through eyes that didn’t want to say the same thing, as if I was no longer indispensable to them, if you know what I mean.”

Real Madrid have sacked Julen Lopetegui, they are missing Ronaldo already

“That’s what made me think about leaving. Sometimes I’d look at the news, where they were saying I was asking to leave. There was a bit of that but the truth is I always had the impression the president would not hold me back. If it had all been about money, I’d have moved to China, where I would have earned five times as much than here [at Juventus] or at Real. I did not come to Juve for the money. I earned the same in Madrid, if not more. The difference is that, at Juve, they really wanted me. They told me that and made it clear.” They showed me that.

“The truth is that the president wanted me but, at the same time, he made it known to me that my departure would not constitute a problem.

Florentino Perez thought he could replace one of the top five players to ever do it.

Silly isn’t it?

News Flash: Gareth Bale isn’t that good of a player and he will probably play 9 games this season.

Perez is bearing the consequences of his foolish actions. Real Madrid supporters should brace themselves for a lean patch. Their squad isn’t good enough, they aren’t winning anything anytime soon, and they aren’t any good players out there to sign.



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