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ZoBo Top 3’s: International Goals Of The Week – Neymar’s cool finish, Paul Pogba’s well-placed shot, and Sanchez’ audacious chip


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Top 10 Football Stories of the Week (03 April ‘16 – 08 April ’16)

  1. Siyabonga Sangweni succumbs to injury and retires


A player we all grew to love as Ntsimbi has finally hung up his boots due to long term injuries. In a press conference with the media, Irvin Khoza broke the saddening but somewhat predictable news

“Today, I’ve asked this press conference because I want to announce the premature retirement of Siyabonga Sangweni,” said Khoza.

“Siyabonga has been plagued by injury and after consultation, the medics have confirmed that he has to end his career early.

“Siyabonga Sangweni has been a stalwart for this club and has been a great leader. He has shown great commitment.

“I wish him success with all his future endeavours. I thank him for his leadership qualities.”

He added: “We spoke to the team this morning, so it has been an emotional time to say goodbye to a great player like him.”



  1. Well in other news Kamohelo Mokotjo from international football retired (till further notice) because he wasn’t getting enough game time.


To all the die hards of SA football, the people that spent their hard earned money to come watch us, the supporters.  I write this letter with a heavy heart.  As you all know, I have for my entire and ongoing career devoted my life to the game of football – proudly representing the country at junior and senior national team levels.  I have always supported the cause to improve our game in South Africa and ensure we do well in all competitions.  I have gracefully honoured every call up and always have given my best whenever presented with a chance to don the national team jersey. It is very unfortunate that current circumstances are not conducive for me to break into the Bafana line up and I respect the decisions of the technical team led by coach Shakes Mashaba. I hereby wish to notify you all that I will not honour the national team call ups in the near future until circumstances change.  I also wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my teammates – my fellow soldiers who have supported me throughout, trust me our paths will cross again. Thank you to my family, friends, members of the media, sponsors, coaches I’ve played under and all those that have backed me through these trying times.  I’m optimistic that things will change and I will proudly wear the Bafana jersey again one day.  I will continue working hard as a footballer and ensure that I improve my game so I can one day be able to don the Bafana jersey with pride and represent the country in our quest to reclaim our number one position on the continent. Please respect the decision I have taken. It was not an easy one as I love my country with all of my heart. I will continue to be the number 1 fan of South African football for the rest of my life. Once again endless gratitude to the South African Football Association  for the opportunity and my fellow teammates for the times we’ve shared. It’s been an honour and a dream come true representing my country. Kamohelo Mokotjo

A photo posted by Kamohelo Mokotjo (@kamoxmokotjo) on


  1. Wolfsburg embarrasses Real Madrid


After taking a look at a game like this you realise how much of a rookie coach Zinedine Zidane is. Of course, his team didn’t perform to their full potential either but this is where a coach earns his coin. Coming off an impress victory against rivals Barcelona. Most people (like myself) didn’t even bother watching that the ‘other champions league game.’ Till Real Madrid went one goal down. Then inexplicably went another the 2nd goal down!


Zidane after the game reflected “I have all the responsibility, total, as the coach,” Zidane said. “We will watch the game again, and analyse it. I am very proud of my players. I am responsible, and must look to see what happened. And I will do that. We had chances, the only thing is we did not get what we wanted here. It is 2-0 and we must accept that. It hurts as we knew it would be difficult, but nobody, including me, expected this.”

“We did not start with the necessary intensity for a Champions League game,” he said. “We made that mistake. I am not going to go crazy now, as what we have done recently is positive. But this game we cannot be happy with. We will analyse it. It could be [due to] Saturday’s game, physically we have suffered, above all in the first half. We lacked, above all, mobility in all the lines, at the start.”

Goodluck getting any result from this one boy’s. It would only take one goal. Only one goal. For you to be staring down a barrel of a 4 goal shotgun.

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Can Manchester United overthrow rivals Liverpool? Short answer. Not really.

Another week, and another grey hair on Louis Van Gaal’s sculpt. Last week, his Manchester United side saw him take a convincing L against Liverpool.

Louis Van Gaal forever the optimist tried to convince everybody that everything was okay.

“We owe always the fans a big result because they are paying to see that,” Van Gaal told his prematch news conference on Wednesday.”

“We have to deliver. But, in sport, you can lose and win. That you have to accept.

“The challenge to beat Liverpool, being 2-0 down, is a big challenge. We have to believe. It starts with the players of course. It starts also with the fans. I have spoken only about the victory and that we have to believe in it.

This fixture will be Louis Van Gaal’s 150th, which begs the question; (in a hillbilly’s voice) “how in God name did has he make it this far???”

But, I suppose, some questions may never be answered, like what happened at Roswell, or is there a time limit on fortune cookie predictions? or what is another word for “thesaurus”?

Jurgen Klopp was optimistic about Liverpool’s chances.

“It’s one of the best things in football you can do, to play Manchester United you are the manager of Liverpool.

“We wanted the full package so we came here to train, stay. We are prepared.

“We know about the job we have to do. It’s difficult, of course, but the circumstances are different. I can hear it in your questions. You all ask whether United can strike back.

“It’s not worry. It’s football. The ball is round. Everything can happen. That’s how it is. But I’m not scared, I’m not afraid.”

Jordan Henderson added that he would like to see his Liverpool side progress.

“It was a good night for us last week, result and performance, so we can take a lot of confidence from that. But it’s only halfway.

“If we focus on our gameplan, it won’t matter what Man United do. It’s all about us. If we’re firing on all cylinders like last week, not many teams can live with us.

“Our energy levels will be high as always. We want to play real high intensity football. That will be key. We’ll prepare well in training, and hopefully we can do the business.”

Manchester United have little to no chance of winning this fixture but as we both know that stranger, more absurd, things have happened in football.

Maybe Manchester United might score the first two goals in the first two minutes. Maybe Liverpool can get two consecutive red cards. Maybe their bus gets stuck on the highway and Manchester United win as a result of a walk over. (In a hillbilly’s voice) Maybe maybe maybe!

Article by: Thabang Kgeledi @Chiz_ZoBoSportz

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